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A competent professional with 30 years of rich experience including 25 years in the Development sector; Initial 5 years of experience in Research & Development and Teaching at Delhi University. My strengths are in the following areas placed below -

- Project implementation including Grant Management

- Budget & Policy Formulation

- Public-Private Partnerships

- Corporate Social Responsibility

- Team Administration/HR

Adept in implementation of programs for community; Have strong exposure in managing programs at implementation level as well as policy level; sound understanding of principles of funding Programs of social nature. An enterprising leader with abilities in motivating teams towards enhancing their performance standards. Possess excellent communication skills that have been honed through coordination with Developmental Stakeholders from Policy Makers, Civil Societies including Corporate. Handled Administration and HR activities including the hiring of suitable candidates and training for the team.

Jayashree Jayaraman

Jayashree Jayaraman

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