We Have Heard You! Regions of Operation: An Updated Search Criteria

Based on your feedback, we have revamped the definition of the “Regions of Operation” search criteria. This goes back to a debate we initially had amongst ourselves when we made the category, deciding whether this search criteria would refer to

  1. The location of the entries’ headquarters or home base


  1. The regions in which an organization or freelancer conduct their work

After some time and debate we initially settled on making this category correspond to the headquarters location. After receiving your feedback, we found the second definition to be more beneficial and informative for the users of the Social Design Directory.

We have therefore gone through the full list and updated this category to reflect the regions in which organizations and freelancers conduct their work. As always, let us know if there is additional information that we can include or if you see an improvement to current entries!

Here is the link to The Social Design Directory contribution page.

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